La paura è normale…

(Fear is normal)…

<<La paura è normale che ci sia, in ogni uomo, l'importante è che sia accompagnata dal coraggio.>>  —Paolo Borsellino, citazione by Alex for

~"It's normal that there be fear, in every man, the important thing is that it be accompanied by courage"~

Paolo Borsellino was a Sicilian magistrate who was killed by the Mafia for his Antimafia work, including contributions to Palermo's Antimafia Pool: a group of investigative magistrates who were able to indict hundreds of Mafia members in what would be called "The Maxi Trial."

Fellow Antimafia Pool members Giovanni Falcone and Rocco Chinnici, Carabinieri captain Emanuele Basile and several other colleagues were murdered by the Mafia prior to Borsellino's assassination.  He was no doubt aware of the great danger involved in his work, and yet he found the courage to continue.

Examples of such great courage make it seem as if Borsellino (and others like him) were "superhuman" or somehow impervious to fear.

Borsellino's words remind us that he experienced fear just like anybody would in that situation— fear is normal.  The goal is not to eliminate fear, but to learn how to cultivate the courage to go along with it.

Today is Paolo Borsellino's birthday—he would have turned 74.  Maybe as a birthday present to him (and ourselves!) we can learn to embody his idea in our own lives.  We may not all be fighting the Mafia, but we all have "our work" to do. :)

Buon compleanno Paolo Borsellino!


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