How to teach yourself Italian… Step 02: ASSESSMENT

How to teach yourself Italian… Step 02: Assessment Know where you're starting from, Via Optimae,

Would you ever book a flight without knowing the departure airport? Of course not, because you can’t plan where you’re going without knowing where you’re starting from.   Similarly, you need to assess where you’re at in learning Italian if you plan on reaching your goals.

The European Framework of Reference for Languages is a useful tool that helps standardize language levels.   There are three main levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, and two sub-levels within each. Use the following self-assessment guide to determine your current level: 

What's your language level, a guide for self-assessment, based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages for Via Optimae,

If you’re still not sure where you fall between A2 and B2, this free online test can help: (Be sure to come back here after completing the test and let us know your results!)

And my level is...

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It really is more fun when everybody shares!

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I'll share first! I'm a certified* level C1 who's working on becoming C2… (I have lots of practice in informal situations but could improve my confidence in formal, business Italian!)
I know my level… what's yours?, Italian language assessment, How to teach yourself Italian, Alex from Via Optimae,
I know my level... what's yours??

Buono studio!
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*Interested in certifying your Italian?  I took the CILS exam (Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language) through the University of Siena for Foreigners— offered at several exam locations around the world!

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  1. I am an A2 that first studied Italian in college 34 years ago. My mother's parents came to the US from Italy over 100 years ago and I wanted to become conversational with them. Actually I wish my mother had raised us in a bilingual home! Then I would be fluent in Italian. Alas, that did not happen, so I have occasionally studied Italian over the years. Visiting Italy is on my bucket list. My major obstacle in learning Italian is verbs--so many tenses! Which tenses should I focus on? Thanks for creating this website. I just found it and find it very helpful.

    1. I know what you mean! When I first heard of bilingualism as a kid, I remember being upset at my parents that they didn't raise me bilingual (even though, in their defense, they didn't know a second language to teach me!) You can learn now, though, so no worries! The most important tense in Italian is definitely the simple present tense— you can use it for habitual action: Vado al supermercato ogni giorno (I go to the supermarket every day), you can use it in place of the present progressive: Che fai? (What are you doing?), and also in place of the future tense: Domani, vado al supermercato. (Tomorrow, I'm going to the supermarket.) I cover the Simple present in all its conjugations in the Beginner's Series, look for the Beginner's Grammar Series links on the righthand side of the site page. The next tense I suggest perfecting would be the Present Perfect, which is used where English uses the simple past: Ho studiato ieri (I studied yesterday) I'll be adding more tenses in the lessons to come, you're welcome to subscribe to receive the latest updates! Also, feel free to email me (using the contact form not the righthand side of the site) if you have any specific requests or questions. Thanks for stopping by! A presto! ~Alex

  2. Sorry, you did not reach level A1.
    You solved 19 questions.
    Your percentage is 63 %.
    You need 70% to compelete with this level.
    Your Italian is at level 0


    I guess it's normal, I've started a month ago...I am too anxious to learn something!!!

    1. Let me start by saying "Complimenti!" or congratulations on getting 19 out of 30! That shows that you have already learned something, and in only a month... that's great! Now that you've taken the test, go back and make note of the questions that you missed. What topics were covered in those questions? That will give you a roadmap or a clear idea of what you need to work on next.. just keep going! :D


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