Modi di Dire — Quattro

(Idiomatic Expressions with "Four")

There are numerous idiomatic expressions that use numbers— and Italian is no exception. Here, we look at the number four, QUATTRO.

Check out the illustrations for each expression and see if you can deduce the literal translation as well as the figurative meaning.

Modi di dire con quattro, in quattro e quattr'otto, fare quattro chiacchiere, farsi in quattro, dirne quattro, a quattr'occhi, learn Italian with Via Optimae,


Write the Italian expression from above that most closely matches each of the following expressions in English:

1. "Work like a dog", "Kill myself off"  


2. Face to face


3. "Easy as 1, 2, 3" 


4. "Give someone a piece of my mind", "Tell off" 


5. "Shoot the breeze"


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