Cosa bolle in pentola? (New and improved digital picture dictionaries)

ITALIAN: Food Picture Dictionaries Vol. 04, Che cosa bolle in pentola COVER, digital magazine from Via Optimae

They say the way into a man's heart is through his stomach, but I say, "The way into Italian is through your own stomach!" 

Not as catchy, I admit, but very true.  Even before you could say your name in Italian, I'm sure you could recognize and use words like cappuccinospaghettilasagna and others.  How is this so? You saw the words used in context repeatedly, and when you ate them, they were delicious, causing you to want to order them again… in short, you had a good reason to learn and incorporate otherwise "foreign" words!

It has been shown that vocabulary is more easily assimilated when it is shown
in context and when that context provokes an emotional response, so with that in mind… I created the ITALIAN: Food Picture Dictionary series!  It has food vocabulary and related expressions with images and examples as well as cultural tidbits and advice so you can put everything in context.  When possible, I tried to find humorous examples and expressions, as well as interesting photos that hopefully provoke a sense of nostalgia for Il bel paese (the beautiful country— Italy's nickname) 

Hopefully, they whet your appetite, and get you thinking about Italian food vocabulary (and related expressions) in your day to day life.

I had previously published these digital magazines on another platform, and I've been gradually transferring that content to the new platform, Joomag (I pronounce it You-Mag, though I'm not sure what the creators intended.) For Vol. 04 Cosa bolle in pentola?, I re-did the layout and added new content to hopefully make it even better and more engaging, so be sure to check it out, as well as the other (new & improved) Volumes 01-03:

 ITALIAN: Food Picture Dictionary Vol. 01 Cover
Vol. 01
ITALIAN: Food Picture Dictionary Vol. 02 cover
Vol. 02
ITALIAN: Food Picture Dictionary Vol. 03 Cover
Vol. 03

I'm going to add more volumes in this series (next up: Le ricette e la preparazione— Recipes & Preparation) but I wonder, besides food, is there another topic that you're particularly interested in or working on that you'd like to see in a picture dictionary format? Let me know, and I'll prioritize those topics in future digital magazines!  (Use the comment form below, email me using the contact form in the right sidebar, or connect through Facebook, if you prefer!)

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