Se fa bello a San Gallo...

Beautiful day at the beach in Marina Del Rey, CA photo by Alex for
"Se fa bello a San Gallo, il bello arriva sino a Natale."


fare bel/brutto tempo 
to be good/bad weather

to arrive

sino a
up until


Yesterday, October 16, was the holiday of Saint Gallen, and according to the Italian proverb above, an important indicator for weather conditions up until Christmas. 

In Los Angeles, faceva bel tempo (it was a beautiful day): faceva caldo (it was hot) and era soleggiato (it was sunny).  

Today is another beautiful day, so, so far, the proverb holds true.

Che tempo faceva ieri da te?  (What was the weather like in your area?) Che tempo fa oggi? (What's the weather like today?)

Here are 10 Italian weather expressions that may help you answer that:

Happy Studying!


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