The most used nouns: no. 002 ANNO

In this series, we're covering the most used nouns in the Italian language 
(I sostantivi più utilizzati nella lingua italiana)

In case you missed it… n.001 (il più utilizzato!)

Numero 2 è…..

"ANNO" in the digital magazine, ITALIAN: The most used nouns*
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The word "anno" is used to wish somebody a good year, as in Buon Anno! and Felice Anno Nuovo!

It is also necessary to find out somebody's age, since, in Italian, the question is phrased "How many years do you have?"— Quanti anni hai?

As in English, it is also used to refer to moments in time, as in the third sentence.  Some common expressions are:

un anno prima
a year before

un anno dopo
a year later

un anno fa…
one year ago

due (tre, quattro) anni fa…
two (three, four) years ago

l'anno scorso...
last year...

l'anno prossimo...
next year...

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*Not currently available on mobile devices.

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