The most-used nouns: no. 007 PARTE

Girasoli (sunflowers) image by Marco Monetti on Flickr as seen on Via Optimae,
image by Marco Monetti on Flickr
"Adoro i girasoli. Sanno sempre da che parte voltarsi."
(English translation at the bottom of the post!)

In this series, we're covering the most used nouns in the Italian language 
(I sostantivi più utilizzati nella lingua italiana)

In case you missed it… 

Numero 7 è…..

 parte (la)

a versatile term that is used similarly to the English equivalent "part", let's look at some usage and examples:

parte, la — part, definition examples illustration left, Via Optimae,

parte, la — part, definition examples illustration right, Via Optimae,

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ITALIAN: The most-used nouns digital magazine, i sostantivi più utilizzati from Via Optimae,

You'll often hear it in the following

far parte di - to be part of, belong; faccio part di un gruppo di giovani professionisti; lui invece non fa parte del gruppo; on Via Optimae,

fare la parte di - to play the part of "Giovanni fa la part di Romeo", on Via Optimae,

mettere da parte - to put aside "Metto da parte dei soldi", on Via Optimae,

See more cartoons and illustrations as well as listen to songs that feature the word "parte" in the newly updated digital magazine (pages 62-77):

Can you write a sentence using the word parte? Or maybe you can find a quote or aphorism that uses it? Comment below! (or on Facebook if you prefer)

Quote translation:
I adore sunflowers.  They always know which way (towards which part) to face.

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