Sanremo 2014 — I vincitori! (the winners)

Saturday, February 22 marked the final night of the 64th edition of the famous Sanremo Festival— and here are the winners!

In the Campione category….

 Controvento | Against the wind

My personal favorite for this category! I loved the musical arrangement and Arisa's clear and sweet singing style.  

I'll be covering the song meaning and lyrics of Controvento in a future post, so I won't give too much away now, but check out Arisa's final night performance of the song, as well as the other Campioni competitors at

Check out the video of all of the "Campioni", final night performances and see how they compare!

But that's not all…

In the Nuove Proposte category…

Rocco Hunt 
 Nu Juorno buono* | A good day 
(in standard Italian: un giorno buono)

It's easy to see why this song won a large percentage of the popular or "at home" vote.  In the face of overwhelmingly negative news and stereotypes about Southern Italy, this song emerges as a sort of "love song" to the region— acknowledging some of the challenges while emphasizing its strengths and pride in a heartfelt way. 

Watch Rocco's emotional performance/celebration after he found out he won {here} and check out the official music video: (click "Read more" to continue)

See the other "Nuove Proposte", final night performances on, and see how they compare!

I finalisti Nuove proposte, la quarta serata su, as seen on
i video su

What do you think?  Do you agree with this year's winners?  If not, which songs would you like to have seen win?  Any songs you'd like help understanding the meaning?

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