The most used nouns: no. 004 GIORNO

Buongiorno con cappuccini, Two cappuccinos with heart foam and an arrangement of hydrangeas, by Alex for viaoptimae.com

In this series, we're covering the most used nouns in the Italian language 
(I sostantivi più utilizzati nella lingua italiana)

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n.004 GIORNO definition and examples in ITALIAN: The most-used nouns http://glossi.com/alshay7/84517-italian-the-most-used-nouns

I recently added more songs and pictures to The most-used nouns digital magazine, so be sure to check it out— even if you've opened it before!

Hear the pronunciation of giorno both by itself and in common phrases, as said by native speakers, in this short video:

Be sure to repeat after them and practice your own pronunciation!


Good morning! 
(lit. Good day)

ogni giorno
each day

giorno lavorativo 
work day

View songs, pictures and more now in the digital magazine:

ITALIAN: The most-used nouns digital notebook by ab on viaoptimae.com

Can you write a sentence using the word giorno? Or maybe you have a citazione (quote) or aforisma (maxim) that you'd like to share? Comment below!

Happy studying!

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